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Prefer health over money

There are many kinds of activities which a person can do in his leisure time. Some people like to spend their time with friends and some like to spend time on watching movies. Some people may have different activities in their free time but most of them become the cause of health problems. For example, if you are watching the movie at home then you will be sitting on a chair for a long time and will be eating snacks during watching the movie. In this way, the body does not move a lot and thus the metabolism system affects badly. In addition to this, the snacks also create severe problems for the health of a person. Well, if the person wants to lead a healthy and happy life, then he will have to make some changes in his life. He will have to leave those things which are not healthy for his body and have to join those activities which can guarantee him a smart and active body. It is known by every person that “Health is wealth”. If you have a good health then you can dream for everything either it is achievable or not. But if you suffer with health diseases very frequently then you cannot dream about anything bigger. You will be restricted by your health to achieve the things which you want.

Besides this, it has been seen that many people rush towards the money rather than the health. People remain bust in earning the money to save his own future and of his family. It is a good thing that a person should think about its future but it is also necessary to give importance to health. Say, if you become able to save a lot of money for your future, but you are unable to maintain a good health then you may lose your money for your own health. And this is thing which you will try to avoid. According to my point of view, a person should move forward with both good health and reasonable money. But he should not neglect his health when he starts facing any financial problem. It should be kept in mind that financial problems can be tackled easily by little intelligence but you cannot tackle a health problem by yourself. You will have to take help from an experienced doctor who can treat his medical problem in an efficient way. In this problem, you may lose your health, money as well as your time.

If you become victim of health problem then always go to a professional doctor rather than going to quack to save the money. A quack cannot treat your health problem in an efficient way. On the other hand, a doctor has both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to treat your health disease. So do not save your money, but save your health. Health comes first and you should try to improve it as much as possible to lead a happy life in future.