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Need Of The Hour

We are living in the modern times and the entire world is going through an upheaval that is going to take us to a higher and advanced times. Technology and globalization have changed the face of our earth. Every part of our life has been influenced by the modern day culture, the gadgets and technology. Our lifestyle, culture, outlook, attitudes and value as well as the fabric of society is being redefined. People are moving away from a family and collective outlook to individualistic outlook. It is said that loneliness is going to be the major global problem in the coming years. The western world is grappling with the increasing divorce rates and broken families. Coupled with single parenting, the urban stress and pressures of life are going to be the cause of many banes in the years to come.

In the earlier days, families used to be the main support structure for children in the growing years. Parents, grand parent, uncles, aunts and extended families provided the emotional support as well as passed on the moral values to the children. The outlook and the value system practiced by the elders was automatically inculcated in the children. In the modern nuclear families, this support structure which is most important for the mental makeup of children is absent.

Internet has invaded every home. Children today grow up with laptops, tabs and internet which gives them the access freely to information. Growing children have a natural curiosity to explore and in the current set up of nuclear families, there is every chance that they get exposed to unwanted information. Adolescence brings about a sense of rebellion in children. In case of boys, they can easily be lured to explore the world of drugs, drinks and sex. In the absence of a moral authority and moral education, there is no barrier for children. There is always a chance that these children can grow up to be adults without a sense of right and wrong.

When there is no moral education that is provided to the children, it is but natural that they will end up making mistakes. Indulging in unwanted activities including sexual relationships can lead to disaster. There are many young adults who having been used to sexual freedom have ended up with psychological disorders. Male impotence in the case of young adults is a rising phenomenon and a cause for worry. Male impotence can be caused due to excessive indulgence in wrong sexual relationships. In many cases the men suffer from physical damage, erectile dysfunction or disease or they end up having psychosomatic disorders resulting in behavioral problems.

Schools of course provide sex education to children with the intent of teaching them the right aspects of sex. However the need of the hour is to include teaching regarding moral conduct and moral life and combining it with sex education. Educating young adults to be responsible for their actions, to look for relationships in the face of physical satisfaction can go a long way in bringing down the cases of male impotence as well as helping such young adults to be happy and successful in their moral life.