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Men sexual life and Viagra

We all well familiar of the phrase”Health is wealth”. Health is very important to consider in the daily life because without a healthy body you cannot enjoy your life at its best. Numbers of health problems have increased to a great extent in these days and many of the health problems are still uncured. Erectile dysfunction is that health problem which can only be treated by the help of a medicine. You cannot think to cure this health problem permanently. This article is all about the treatment of ED or Impotence with the help of Viagra.

Men sexual life

Viagra is a medicine being made by Pfizer Company for the treatment of impotence. The generic name of Viagra is Sildenafil citrate that is used by many chemists and experienced doctors. Viagra has the ability to treat erectile dysfunction. Before discussing about the treatment, we should have an idea about the erectile dysfunction. In this sexual problem, the blood flow rate through blood arteries become very low due to the deposition of cholesterol in the inner side of blood vessels. Due to the less flow of blood, the penis remains unable to become erect which is considered very necessary for the sexual activity. Besides the increase in cholesterol level, there are many other causes of erectile dysfunction. These causes include depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, spinal cord injury and diabetes. A normal person should try his best to avoid these health problems because these are the causes of many other health problems especially high blood pressure. You should take medical care if you are suffering from any of the health problems.

Before using Viagra for ED treatment, you must have an idea about the side effects of this medicine. Without considering its side effects, you may get many major health ailments. Some of the common side effects are given below:

  • Headache
  • Upset stomach
  • Facial Flushing

These side effects are commonly faced by the users of Viagra but it is not necessary that every user will face these side effects. The user can avoid these side effects if he uses it according to the prescription of doctor. There are some fewer side effects which include vomiting, blurred vision and bluish vision. It is very necessary to treat these side effects urgently. Viagra has become of the best medicine for ED treatment due to its less side effects and effective use.