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Viagra, or Sildenafil, is a drug taken orally for impotence, or erectile dysfunction (ED). It has been around for a long time and has a good track record of being safe and effective. Within 30 minutes of taking it, the effects of this drug have been known to last for up to 5 hours.

Viagra is in a group of medications that slow down the working process of enzymes called phosphodiesterase and this decrease helps in maintaining an erection. Many men, regardless of age, feel like they have been given a new lease on their sex life because of it. However, just like all other medications, it too has some side effects because these drugs are absorbed into the bloodstream and flow through your entire body.

Important Safety Information
Patients should be aware of the following possible side effects of Viagra.

  • 1. Vision changes. Some people have reported changes in how they see the colors blue and green. This is a reason why pilots should not use Viagra at least 12 hours before flying.
  • 2. Problems resulting from mixing medications. Nitroglycerin and Viagra can have adverse effects on each other because they both generally increase blood flow.
  • 3. Heart attacks.
  • 4. Headaches due to increased blood flow to the brain.
  • 5. Occasionally have a painful erection that lasts too long.

If you should experience any of these side effects, you should consider getting medical attention. Some of these side effects have the potential to be very serious which is why Viagra is a prescription-only drug and should be discussed with a physician first. There is also a concern that some men, mainly younger men, will take Viagra even though they do not physically need it to achieve an erection. This recreational use could cause them to become dependent on it and it could also render them incapable of getting or keeping an erection without it.


Many people ask about the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Basically, the main purpose in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is to increase the blood flow that is causing problem in getting penile erection. If by any means it is increased to a normal value, the person can get a stiff and hard penis within 20 minutes.


We all well familiar of the phrase "Health is wealth". Health is very important to consider in the daily life because without a healthy body you cannot enjoy your life at its best. Numbers of health problems have increased to a great extent in these days and many of the health problems are still uncured. Erectile dysfunction is that health problem which can only be treated by the help of a medicine. You cannot think to cure this health problem permanently. This article is all about the treatment of ED or Impotence with the help of Viagra.


There are many kinds of activities which a person can do in his leisure time. Some people like to spend their time with friends and some like to spend time on watching movies. Some people may have different activities in their free time but most of them become the cause of health problems. For example, if you are watching the movie at home then you will be sitting on a chair for a long time and will be eating snacks during watching the movie. In this way, the body does not move a lot and thus the metabolism system affects badly. In addition to this, the snacks also create severe problems for the health of a person.


We are living in the modern times and the entire world is going through an upheaval that is going to take us to a higher and advanced times. Technology and globalization have changed the face of our earth. Every part of our life has been influenced by the modern day culture, the gadgets and technology. Our lifestyle, culture, outlook, attitudes and value as well as the fabric of society is being redefined. People are moving away from a family and collective outlook to individualistic outlook. It is said that loneliness is going to be the major global problem in the coming years.

God made Man and Woman as two distinct but complimentary partners. Both are biologically as well as psychologically built differently. A woman identifies largely with her feminity while the man derives his identity from his masculinity or his libido. Essentially the sexual drive in man gives him a sense of power and defines his identity as a male.

With the natural process of aging, the body system begin to slow down after the age of forty and by early fifties they enter a stage of andropause that is characterized by drastic reduction in the production of testosterone or the male hormone responsible for the sexual drive as well as the physical prowess etc. Similar to the menopause in women, this phase in men is characterized by hormonal imbalances causing upheavals in the psyche of men. The impact of aging and andropause can affect sensitive men seriously.

Erectile dysfunction is another major issue which most men dread. It is quite common for men to face erectile dysfunction problem at some point of time in life. The causes could be due to andropause or due to other bodily health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes etc causing damage to the blood flow to the penile tissues and other neurological problems.

Any loss of sexual drive and inability to perform on the part of men has a major impact on their psyche and robs them of their basic sense of power and identity. Most men are not aware of and not prepared to face this reality which happens commonly to all men.

A bit of thought on this matter will bring out the fact that sexual satisfaction is not necessarily a physical action but largely a psychological function. Understanding of the fact that the sense of satisfaction comes from the emotions and the feelings associated with love and sex helps men understand and accept their problems better and makes them feel secure about their relationship as well.

Andropause or erectile dysfunction does not signal the end of the road for men. All it takes is to be prepared to accept and face the situation and cope up with the same. Prompt medical guidance will help men deal with their situation. Hormone replacement therapies coupled with changing of lifestyle and balanced nutrition can help regain their vitality and vigor. At this point onwards it becomes essential for men to adopt a physically active lifestyle that keeps them fit and healthy.

Those who think that medication like Viagra and other aphrodisiacs will do the magic and help cure their sexual impotence should realize that these are but temporary solutions and they cannot permanently cure the problem. Yes overall the situation can be managed with the help of medication and with the right lifestyle that helps to keep other lifestyle diseases at bay. Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and other problems like cardiac condition can rob men of their sexual drive. Therefore it is important to look at the solution from a holistic point of view rather than seeking the help of medication alone.